Breakdown/Takedown is for the ones that like dirty riffs, angry beats and filthy vocals. When VENHILL turns it on on, it stays on.
In this vandalistic track VENHILL talks about alcohol addiction and depression. A very dark subject compared to the last single ‘Chemical’ that is about the rush of a crazy night with your friends, while this song focusses more on the serious side of things. The artwork is a sunflower with eyes, because sunflowers always look at the sun, turning their heads everyday towards it as long as they are growing. But when they are in bloom, they stop. Just like the main character in this song, who is in the bloom of its life, but can’t seem to see the sun anymore and is the saddest person around. At least there is one up-side in this story: “when you don’t have a soul no one can crush it, that’s just another relief”