Nina June

Nina June

Picture by Kelly Alexander

BON VOYAGE is a creative exposition in the form of a musical album by Amsterdam based singer-songwriter Nina June. The result of a three-year journey that started in a home studio in Amsterdam and continued through a pilgrimage through France and Spain, and ended in London with a world class producer.

Nina started working on her songs in a small studio in Amsterdam. ‘For Love’ is the first track she wrote with friend and fellow songwriter Martijn “Tienus” Konijnenburg. Nina sings about the search that her generation must undergo and reflects on herself and her peers. She sings about her generation’s dreams, their search for love and meaning, and the resulting struggles, such as feelings of failing, depression and an abundance of freedom.

Without expectations she releases For Love into the world. The song goes through an enormous development on it’s own, with no label or marketing party to push it. It garners more than 2 million streams and more than 25,000 people add the song to their personal playlists.

Instead of chasing after the success of For Love Nina decides to walk the 10000 km long pilgrimage ‘Camino de Santiago’. In a month she walks from the French Pyrenees to the Spanish ocean. During the trip she thinks about life, setting goals and her music. The compositional masterpieces of Michael Nymann (The Piano), Thomas Newman (American Beauty) and the ethereal popsongs of Rhye and Zero7 accompany her on the way and melt themselves into the scenery. It’s at this moment Nina experiences the world and life itself at it’s most pure.

Once back in Amsterdam Nina conveys her thoughts about choices made, the lack of security and the quest as to what makes happy into beauty. The most grand pieces of art aren’t about what’s secure in life, they are about the struggles. Together with songwriter/producer Lieuwe Roonder she writes and produces almost a full album. They combine classical organic elements with modern synths and beats. Each song has its own identity.

Slowly and steady Nina keeps releasing tracks into the world. With every song the response gets bigger; as if everyone is cheering her on to continue. When her song When We Fall ends up in American TV show “Catfish” and garners a million streams on Spotify, the demand for a record increases.

Through Facebook Nina approaches world class producer Tim Bran, who’s past clients include heavyweights such as Paul McCartney, Birdy and London Grammar. Just a week later Nina finds herself sitting in his studio. Nina: “The first thing I thought when I walked in was ‘OK, I did not expect this’. Tim has a relatively small studio and a modest set-up. He told me he gets more creative the fewer tools he has to his disposal. This fit perfectly with what I discovered during my pilgrimage and the ensuing creative process. I felt straight at home right away”.

The result of Nina’s journey is BON VOYAGE. Eleven cinematic pop songs about love, letting go and being true to yourself. For Nina herself the album is a new approach, a new sound and the beginning of an eternal search for the truth.

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